PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 22nd, 2018) – HAHAxParadigm and South Street Headhouse District announce the installation of two murals along South Street through their ongoing collaborative partnership. The two organizations have been working together since 2014 on the installation of public art pieces with an eye on the revival of South Street’s rich history of cultural movements and evolutionary rebirths. This past Saturday, while over 15,000 walked the district and experienced the installations live in process, UK based artist My Dog Sighs painted his mural at on the 400 block of South during the largest Oktoberfest ever to take place on South Street. Over at Brauhaus Schmitz on the 700 block of South Street, artist Kala Hagopian put up mural celebrating the well-loved German Bierhall & Restaurant.

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My Dog Sighs . 441 South Street, Philadelphia PA

My Dog Sighs (MDS) is often inspired by the cities he visits and uses music to express the creative energy he vibes from its residents. Layers of teal, brown and gold paint partially cover My Dog’s lyrical tribute to the city. Stone spent the better part of a day free handing the sentimental words of Neil Young’s ‘Philadelphia’ onto the wall, integrating it into the background of his mural.

“Sometimes I think that I know
What love's all about
And when I see the light
I know I'll be all right.

I've got my friends in the world,
I had my friends
When we were boys and girls
And the secrets came unfurled.

City of brotherly love
Place I call home
Don't turn your back on me
I don't want to be alone
Love lasts forever.

Someone is talking to me,
Calling my name
Tell me I'm not to blame
I won't be ashamed of love.

City of brotherly love.
Brotherly love.”

–       Neil Young

The eyes hold dear an image of Paul and Robert Perry, owner of South Streets’ haven Tattooed Mom. 

On my first visit to Philadelphia, I very quickly realized I had a connection with the owner of tattooed mom Robert. His philosophical approach to the bar connected to my own artistic journey. When HAHAxParadigm invited me back to come and paint at such an incredible spot I knew I wanted to pay homage to Robert. Behind the eyes, the lyrics to Philadelphia by Neil Young set the tone but it’s hidden in the reflection that I grounded the piece. Skylines of both Philadelphia and my hometown of Southsea flank the two of us. Kindred spirits. – Paul Stone aka My Dog Sighs

Thanks again to @bear_2.1.5 for being Paul’s awesome assist, @tmoms to being our artists’ home away from home, Michael Axelrod for donating the wall, @officialsouthst. Photos and Video: @foxxboogie

* My Dog Sighs mural was curated by HAHAxParadigm, supported in part by South Street Headhouse and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.


Kala Hagopian . Brauhaus Schmitz, 718 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

Artist Kala Hagopian worked with Brauhaus Schmidt owner, Doug Hager to create a mural that will greet customers with a sense of history and good cheer that has always been an authentic personal touch to the well-loved German Bierhall & restaurant.

The murals’ wording and imagery harkens back the traditional German toast "Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts"(translation: Hops and malts, God provides) which reflects the practice of German brewing governed by the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian purity law) which states that beer should be made of three ingredients: water, barley and hops. 

Hagopian is a fine artist and muralist based in Philadelphia PA, a former founding member of the female art Collective, Chroma Dolls LLC and the current founder of Hagopian Arts. 

*The Brauhaus Schmitz mural was curated by HAHAxParadigm, supported by Doug Hager, owner of Brauhaus Schmitz.