HAHA x Paradigm is a artist-to-community program that has been developing since 2012 through collaborations between HAHA Magazine and Paradigm Gallery. HAHA Magazines global focus on the arts combined forces with Paradigm Gallery’s local community-based scope to bring artists and interactive arts projects from around the world to Philadelphia. This platform allows us to invite artists working on community-based projects in other parts of the world to share in our open dialogue about the benefits of public art.



2017 – Amberellaxo X South Street Spring Fest*

As a part of its ongoing effort to enliven and bring art to the business corridor, South Street Headhouse District and HAHA x Paradigm partnered with Philadelphia artist Amberella to create an over 100ft long wheat-pasted mural in the South Street business district. The project was developed and installed leading up to the Fifth Annual South Street Spring Festival. 

2017 – Quality of Life Signage, Kid Hazo X QVNA**

Street sign collaboration with artist, Kid Hazo and Queen Village, bringing awareness to the benefits that can be gained from being better neighbors to one another.

2016 – Pothole Mosaics***

Chicago based mosaic artist, Jim Bachor bought his renown project “Pothole Mosaics” to Philadelphia. A series of installs were placed around Queen Village.

2016 – Adventuring Mural with Hyland Mather

            Mural Location: Bella Vista Underpass

2016 – The Guardians*

HAHA x Paradigm & South Street Headhouse bought in photographer & storyteller, Vladimir Antaki and his award-winning traveling photo series “The Guardians” here to The City of Brotherly Love. A series of installs were placed on South Street. Photo Series documents shopkeepers all over the world, paying tribute to these ‘guardians of urban temples’ that we meet every day without really noticing.

2015,   2016–South Street Spring Fest*

Part of an ongoing relationship between HAHA x Paradigm & South Street Headhouse to beautiful urban spaces within the community. Spring Fest welcomed 40,000+ people. Local and visiting artists live painted electrical boxes along South Street, transforming those spaces into mini murals. The project was developed and installed leading up to the Fourth Annual South Street Spring Festival. 

2015 – 4th Street Bainbridge Green Pop Up

2015 – Beautiful Times Mural

            Mural Location: Bodine Community Garden

2015 – Sophie Roach Mural

            Mural Location: The Monkey and The Elephant / 2831 W. Girard Ave / Philadelphia, PA.

2015 – Queen Village Mural with Clint Tillman Reid

            Mural Location: 5th Street between South & Lombard Streets.

2014 – Philly Tech Week Art Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of Philadelphia's amazing street artists, Tattooed MomHAHA x Paradigm, and Philly Tech Week organized a citywide street art scavenger hunt that highlighted Philadelphia artists, their work, and the neighborhoods that inspired them.

2014 – Sarah Bereza & Fall on Your Sword

Imaginative and playful interactive installation. Artist, Sarah Bereza’s paintings - larger than life scenarios are the inspiration/complimented by the stunning video work of Fall on Your Sword.

2013 – Queen Village Sidewalk Mural with artist, Kelly Franklin

            Mural Location: 4th & Bainbridge.

2013 – From Pakistan to Philly

Pakistani artist Summaiya Jillani’s gallery paintings were recreated as a series of prints and spread around downtown Philly, conveying Pakistan through a different lens with subject matter and artistic representation that challenged cultural perceptions.

2013 – Before I Die

Before I Die is an interactive public art project created by Candy Chang, which invites people to share their hopes and dreams in a public space.  

2013 – Urban Geodes

Multi-disciplinary artist and designer, Paige Smith’s Urban Geode Project highlighted the beautiful forgotten spaces of Philadelphia.

2012 – Dutch Umbrella Project

Classic white umbrellas were turned over to five local Philadelphia artists to use as a blank canvas. The results of which were chronicled through five, four minute videos. Umbrella were then auctioned, proceeds went to a Philadelphia charity. 


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The Community Grant Program. Quality of Life Signage, funded through Queen Village Neighbors Association. (December 2016)

The Awesome Foundation Grant. Mosaic Pothole Installation, funded by Philadelphia, PA Chapter. (June 2106

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*Funded in part by a Knight Foundation Grant

**Funded by QVNA Community Grant Program

*** Funded in part by Awesome Grant Foundation