We Made #6 on Streets Dept Presents: Philadelphia’s Top 10 Street Art Moments of 2013

HAHAxParadigm (www.hahaxparadigm.org) + A Common Namemade #6 on Streets Dept's list and in INCREDIBLE company!

Thank you everyone for following our collaborative adventures with Haha Mag. We are excitedly planning for 2014, and hope to bring more great artwork to the streets of Philadelphia (and hopefully spread Philly's talent with other cities as well!) What an amazing city we live in, full of artists that make it worth it over and over again to walk around Philadelphia with curiosity and stunning visuals as our guides instead of our heads buried in devices.


Thanks Philly!

Philly, we had a blast! Tonight (last night now) was @acommonname's last night in Philly, after a couple of late night installs, we got together with Paige to celebrate the great community art we created together.

Let's not forget that with the help of Photographer and City Guide, Conrad Benner of @streetsdept and the wonderful teachers and students at CHAD we were able to add another dimension to this project.

We hope more of you will join us and the next artist participating our Community Arts Project come December. Until then, thanks to everyone who made @acommonname feel so welcomed in this great city of ours!  

For more photos of our Philly Adventures with Paige, click here for the complete photo set.

**Stay tuned for more pics of our Geode Hunt Winners and CHAD's completed Geode project.