My Dog Sighs Kills it in Philly

We were introduced to My Dog Sighs through a mutual friend and that meeting turned into a serious discussion of him coming to the States to work with HAHAxPARADIGM.  We were lucky enough to be able to snap him up right before his solo show in Chicago. 

MDS arrived in Philly late August of 2014, the few days we spent with him were packed.  This guy is a machine, up early racing thru a new city wheatpasting and creating on every available space he could find.

He bought his Free Art Friday project to Philly - leaving 4 of his trademark hand-painted cans hidden in plain sight for some attentive art lover to find. 

At 2nd & Poplar, you'll find one of his Everyman hug murals - MDS leaves one in every city he visits.  The mural is his way of saying thank you to the hosting city.

5th & Bainbridge is another sweet spot to find the junction box he beautified.  The box features those piercing eyes he's so well known for, and if you look close enough you can find the Philly skyline reflected in those deep orbs.

We love when someone stumbles across one of his wheatpastes and shares it via social media.  It's a pleasant reminder of what a great opportunity to had to work with him and share his art with our city.

*Thanks again to Conrad Benner of Streets Dept trekked around Philly along with us, taking great shots along the way.