Opening Night In The Garden of Alternative Histories

A few years back I stepped into a room at the Spring Break Art Show in Chelsea NY and experienced an interactive art exhibit that I couldn't let go of.

To say that I'm spending my nights in the gallery geeking out over the fact that HAHAxPARADIGM is presenting the relaunch of the collaborative project between Sarah Bereza & Fall On Your Sword would be an understatement.

Matter of fact, several of these pictures are just from late night trips to the gallery to crank up the lawnmower. I know the pictures are supposed to be of the opening of the show - after all that's what this blog post is supposed to be about. But I felt the need to share the depth of our addiction to the witchy, giant mushrooms (sans hookah smoking caterpillars), lawn mower that controls that twin peaky video, elaborate framing, faux grass, 16 alternative endings of glorious weirdness that is "The Garden of Alternative Histories".

If you caught this show at Spring Break, then you'll probably remember it as 'Darkness Turns to Night'. Trust me, it's just as fun the second time around. So drop what you're doing and come down to Paradigm Gallery to experience it.